Best Gaming Mouse

Gamers are pretty serious when it comes to their equipment for gaming. There are numerous gadgets that can improve your game, or just make it even more fun and edgy. Its not the same feeling if you are playing some game with a headset or without, on both ears or just one. The same thing we can say about the computer mouse. With the gaming you can explore, not just the game, but also every technology product you can use. It is easier and better for some gamer to play with his teammates if he has a special designed headset or even a mouse. In almost every game you must use the mouse, so it is very important for you to have a mouse with some abilities, or just better speed and sensitivity. best mouse for cs go are here to ofer you information that could make your quest for best gaming mouse shorter and more interesting.


When you are searching for perfect gaming mouse you must consider few things like acceleration, DPI, polling rate. Here are some guidelines you must consider when buying one:

best gaming mouseDPI (dots per inch)

Every gadget has resolution, so does a mouse. His resolution expressed in DPI (dots per inch) or also known as the CPI (characters per inch) is very important. The thing is the higher DPI is, farther the mouse moves with less movement of your hand. So, it is important to know if DPI is high or low. For example, low DPI is good for accurate activities like Photoshop or in sniping in some game. High DPI is better for run-and gun shooting or if you have a large monitor for better coverage of the screen. Most optical mice have about 800 DPI, and gaming mouse offers from 100 DPI to 8200 DPI. You can see the difference.

Mouse buttons

Every mouse has three buttons, actually two, left and right, and scroll-wheel button in the middle. Some gamer mice have different buttons on them that can replace keystrokes usually used in games. This ability is different for different games. Single player games dont need this much buttons, they have some other things that are more important. But, for strategy games and some RPG these buttons are more than welcome because they will allow you to give some commands without typing it on the keyboard.

Polling rate

The polling rate of a mouse expressed in Hertz (Hz) shows how often your mouse is monitoring of input. That means the higher the polling rate is, the more frequently your mouse is looking for input meaning it is more responsive. The standard polling rate of a mouse is 125 Hz which means that the mouse is looking for input about 123 times per second. The best gaming mouse can have polling rate from 250 Hz to even 1000 Hz.

Wireless or cable

Today, you can find standard mice with or without wire on every corner and the same story is with gamer mouse. For some period, gamers didnt like wireless mice due to their lower speed and sometime lag, but that isnt a problem today. With improvement in wireless technology wireless mice is now like those with wire sometimes even better. The best part about this is that most of wireless mice can be used as wireless or with wire, you can change that in a second.


For the best gaming mouse is extremely important that he is comfortable. They are usually made of rubber or plastic, sometimes both. Gamers mice produced with silky and smooth surface for a better grip. For them is important that they are ergonomic and that your palm can sit nicely. You wouldnt like to have a spasm on your palm due to the gaming mouse. On the most mice nylons sheathed cables are replaced by fabric USB for durability and resistance. There are different types of holding mice and all these mice must be prepared for each and every one of them. And the most of them are.

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