Lifetime fitness

Under lifetime fitness we should understand a program, or a set of programs that is aimed on aging people, also called seniors. Unlike most exercise programs currently offered in fitness centers and different health clubs, the lifetime fitness programs are based on a set of measurable results that are backed by research. It has several features that make it popular and well known among people over 55. As you know most seniors have quite flexible schedule so, first of all it builds traffic during off peak hours. It gained popularity due its cheapness and easy implementation (it has very low start up cost). And as it is quite new and thus constantly researching and renewing, lifetime fitness receives ongoing support through our annual instructor evaluations, e-mail discussion group, updates and program enhancements.

Lifetime fitness training is designed to support, encourage, and train aging individuals to achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. As it rater hard to work with mature people, the goal is to establish a partnership between the individual and the trainer to promote a sense of well being. Only after a firm contact appears the possibility to equip people with the life-long skills necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind.

The lifetime fitness may be started by people with all kind of fitness levels. Whether you are an experienced sportsman that tries to qualify for the marathon or a beginner who just wants to get into good body shape and health, tender and skillful coaches will work with you personally to develop the best schedule to help you reach your goals. Working with the people over 55 demands some special skill from the training staff. So lifetime fitness is not only exercise program, but also the ability to access to a personal instructor that will determine your individual fitness level, help you setting realistic goals, and develop an individual step-by-step plan to achieve those goals. Unfortunately without such link it is very hard to succeed, and much easier to disappoint in lifetime fitness program.

Taking in consideration all listed above there is no wonder that all lifetime fitness programs are specially designed to meet seniors’ individual goals, experience, and needs. That is why two people will never obtain the exact same training program. All specific information about lifetime fitness participant is taken and program is built to answer their individual needs.

Talking about common lifetime fitness exercises and activities I must say that there are structured supervised walking and jogging, stretching and strengthening exercises using resistance bands, weight training with free weights and different plate-loaded equipment, and the set of pool activities like water exercises, swimming, and volleyball. Of course, as senior participants desire, some new activities may be included to vary slightly their ways to exercise. As I have already mentioned – the working with aging people requires much more responsibility form the staff. And in order to protect the program from different unpleasant occasions there is a little bit strict set of membership rules and requirements. meldonium of lifetime fitness program must have an annual medical clearance form completed and signed by a physician selected by the enrollee, legal release signed by the enrollee and of course all forms related to background information filled.

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